FAQs for Fans

Good wi-fi and PC connection with webcam or Smartphone with interenet connection (recommended 4G)
Paypal and all other credit cards.
Can you request it from your profile by looking for it in" You're a Youtuber?
Then ask for a refund 24 hours prior to the event and you will be refunded the total amount spent
You'll have a face to face with the youtuber from your PC or smartphone and you'll be able to take a photo and ask for everything you want respecting the rules of the platform.
You will be given an estimate of time that you will have to wait to video chat with the youtuber and you can also chat with other users who have purchased the ticket for that event or make a donation to Youtuber.
You can wait until you get back in touch during the event, or try a different solution by connecting from a webcam device with an optimal connection.

FAQs for Youtubers

If you are a Youtuber and have more than 1000 subscribers, you can register using the "Youtuber Login" button at the top right and in the "Are you a youtuber?"
YouTube channel name, YouTube channel image, Email (not taken from YouTube account but you decide which one to provide), Paypal Email account (not obligatory).
Once registered you can create your new event from your personal panel in the "Events" section at the top left of the page and you can decide whether to create a free or paid event. we remind you that during videochat there is the Donation button. donations received or ticket revenue will be credited at the end of the event directly to the paypal email you entered during registration or transfer.
Log in to Tuberfan as YouTuber at the time you set and wait for the first fan to enter the page to start videochats, you'll be able to select from the fan list with who to start.
TuberFan only reads public data from your YouTube profile and has no permission to change anything on your YouTube profile. The data that TuberFan reads from YouTube are: number subscribed to the channel (only if this data is public on your channel), the name of your YouTube channel, the image of the channel. In addition, your profile page will show the latest 3 or 4 public videos of your YouTube channel
TuberFan uses the https protocol and follows best safety practices. In addition, your private YouTube data are not read by TuberFan and therefore not even stored in the TuberFan DB.