How it works

 Influencer marketing for brand

Lots of Influencers to promote your brand, fill out the form in I am a brand and we will connect you with our content creators.

② Online event

You can have a private video conversation with your favorite influencer on our platform in one to one mode.

③  Request a video dedication

You can request a personalized video dedication of your favorite idols. Buy it for yourself or give it to friends and family.


① Influencer marketing for your company.

Tell us about your Brand, your proposal will be visible for free in the profiles of the Influencers who can apply. We will offer you the best solution to achieve your goals:

  • We connect you for free with our +1,000 influencers;
  • We involve the creators best suited to your brand;
  • We manage the project from the strategic phase up to delivery;
  • We manage budgets and contractual aspects for your marketing campaign;
  • Final report with indicators and results achieved.

② Video chat with your favorite influencer;

Scheduled events will be visible 12-36 hours before their start in Home and Online Events.

  • Book or buy an event ticket
  • A notification will be present on the creator’s profile picture if he has an event about to start
  • The creator can choose a ticket price ranging from Free to 150 euros

Online events for video chat both on PC and on the App:

  • A notification will be sent to remind you of the event
  • You will receive the video chat link that you must click on the date and time of the event
  • At the time of the event you will have to connect to the link received and wait for the Influencer to contact you

Make your purchases in total safety with PayPal or by credit card.

③ Request a personalized video message from one of the creators on TuberFan.

Search for your favorite influencer on our platform, click on the Video Dedication button and write the message that will be said in the video

  • You can request and purchase a dedicated video for yourself or anyone you want;
  • Send unique and innovative greetings to your best friends or family members;
  • Share the video message that your idol has made for you on social networks;
  • The influencer will say what you have requested, it will arrive on your profile email.

The Influncer does not make video dedications containing the names of brands, associations or companies.

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