When it comes to Influencer Marketing, authenticity is essential, here’s why:

It’s no secret that Influencers have always been an integral part of so many successful marketing campaigns. For many brands, however, influencer marketing has been used as a support rather than a central strategy. But many companies right now are seeing that, with the events happening around the world since the beginning of the year, there is simply not much room left for traditional advertising.

But, instead of sitting back and doing nothing, brands can rely on influencer marketing to better sponsor their products, maintain a conversation with their audience or show the world their position on important topics.

70% of consumers say they trust the opinions of Influencers on the web more than their friends, and this occurs when people feel that the influencer is truly authentic in the content they bring.

By collaborating with “authentic” Influencers you will be able to achieve amazing results by connecting with their loyal audience in the time that follows them daily through stories, posts and videos.

Here in Tuberfan how we create authentic matches between Influencers and Brands:

1) Authenticity in Influencer Marketing strategies
When it comes to developing digital marketing campaigns, it is important to keep authenticity in mind from the early stages of building the strategy. Influencer briefings should be flexible and geared towards specific personalities and niches to allow them to create content that fits their pre-established style and that sounds faithful to their audience.

We allow the influencer to choose the elements of your brand or product that resonate most with them to ensure quality content and that it is perceived as such.

The longer the campaign duration, the better!

Long-term partnerships transform an Influencer into a true Ambassador of your brand. Users will remember your brand every time they see an Influencer post and vice versa, and they will appreciate you more for investing in their favorite content creators, giving you even more credibility with your target consumers!

2) Authenticity in the matchmaking of the influencer
When choosing a collaboration, in addition to data, it is also important to trust instinct and there are no strict rules to identify an authentic Influencer compared to one who is not.

The key is to create connections with Influencers who give their audience “real” moments, avoiding pages or profiles that feature too many advertisements and sponsorships as a partnership with your company will likely make the audience think “Here’s another ad”.

Our technology allows you to connect only with Influencers who have indicated an interest in collaborating with your brand. Appreciate if an Influencer rejects your campaign – they know themselves and their audience, so it’s in your brand’s best interest to trust their opinion of what works on their profile.

3) Authenticity in content creation
This might seem like a daunting process for marketers who are new to influencer marketing campaigns, but fear not! Here are two simple steps to develop authenticity during the execution of the campaign:

– Create an authentic briefing for your brand story.

– During the campaign, connect with the influencers proposed on a personal level:

Trust their knowledge of their audience, especially when it comes to their content creation style;
Talk to them during the campaign! Find out what they liked about the process and what you could improve for next time.

In summary, authenticity is the key to any successful influencer marketing campaign. Authentic influencer content creates a true personality for your brand, which ultimately leads to a great return on investment and a solid consumer base.


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