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Tuberfan is the first platform that shortens the distances between youtube users allowing direct comparison between influencer and registered fans. The Influencer, as well as being able to collaborate with companies and sell video dedications, creates an event of 1,2 or 3 hours on Tuberfan. com where it will meet in one-to-one mode the subscribers of its Youtube channel or follower on instagram who have purchased a ticket on the platform.

The idea of this platform was born from the needs found in the community of social media, where these specific problems emerged:

For Influencer: difficulty in having a direct comparison with their fans and low earnings that limit professional growth.

For fans: need to have a direct, private and safe dialogue with their idols. In February 2017, it ranked first place in SWParma – by Google

Mission: Go against the needs of youtubers’ fans who express the desire to have a one-to-one encounter with their idol.

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CEO Tuberfan : Pierpaolo Manzi



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