Give valuable content to your followers even during product sponsorships.

Often on social media it is not enough to add a tag and a swipe up in the stories to a known character, to create an influencer marketing campaign it is good to remember the basics and start from creating the right content.

The phrase “content is king” is heard more and more often on social media and is also valid, and above all, in influencer marketing.

On Instagram, for example, we may be pleased to receive buying advice from influencers that we appreciate and follow on a daily basis, yet sometimes it happens that these sponsorships end up not being really perceived or are seen as content of little value due to poor preparation or not influencers. in target with what is shown.

Right and studied contents… but always on target

Presenting products and brands to followers that are inconsistent with one’s style or tastes does not pay off in the long run for this reason on Tuberfan we have created a platform that allows registered influencers to apply only to target collaborations with their audience and with communication experts. who study the right contents.

Committing to content always pays off and our data collected so far confirms it. By creating campaigns focused on content rather than product, they have brought significantly better results in terms of conversion and not just engagement.


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